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Fences and Gates

Fences are a common feature of many homes with yards. Fences generally serve one of three purposes:

  • decorative - to add an air of elegance to your home and property
  • functional - providing a physical or visual barrier, such as to cordon off an area for your pet or to provide privacy in your backyard
  • safety and security - designed to keep intruders and potential trespassers out; required in some communities if you have an outdoor pool

Your choice of fences is very broad but can be classified by material:

There are even electronic fences for restraining pets. These devices use radio signals to send a special collar to deliver a shock when the animal approaches the fence line.

Your selection of a fence depends on the purpose, material, and appearance you seek. We encourage you to shop around and look at different fences before deciding which to buy.

There are also different styles of gates available:

As a service to you, we are experimenting with providing additional product information:
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