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A fireplace adds warmth and charm to any home and makes the room it is in a special place for the family. A fireplace can be added to almost any house, subject to your local building code.

There are three common types of fireplaces:

  • wood burning - the original and only 'real' fire place is wood burning; no other type gives the same sound and smell as burning wood. Wood burning fireplaces can either be built into the wall with a simple or elaborate brick or stone hearth or they can occupy a place in the room.
  • gas - a gas fireplace burns cleaner and never runs out of logs; because the fire is feed by gas, you can switch it on and off at will, and there's no need to worry about kindling the flame, waiting for the embers to die out, or cleaning up the ashes. See also: gas fireplace logs.
  • electric fireplaces - simple to install (requires no gas piping or outdoor) and easy to maintain (no firewood, no ashes, no smell). Electric fireplaces use standard electrical connections (120 volt or 240 volt) and can have realistic appearing flames, coals, and sound.

Of course, there's always the fireplace on video for those that want the image of a working fireplace without the cost.

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