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A free-standing flagpole can be the centerpiece to your back garden or a proud statement of patriotism in your front yard. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing a flagpole:

  • Location and height: Residential flagpoles are typically 15 to 35 high while commercial ones go much higher. In general, the closer the pole is to a home, the higher the pole should be so that the flags will be free to fly. If the pole is too close, consider using a wall-mounted flagpole that extends over your house or hangs from the wall at an angle.
  • Material: Flagpoles are made from various materials. Aluminum, the most popular choice, has high strength, low weight, and low cost but can discolor and pit, especially in salt-water areas. It also conducts electricity and care must be used around electrical equipment and during lighting storms. Another popular choice is fiberglass, which is also strong and lightweight, requires little maintenance and usually comes in white, although colors can be custom ordered. Large and commercial flagpoles also come in bronze, carbon steel, and stainless steel, and are more expensive.
  • External or internal halyard system: A halyard system, consisting of pulleys and ropes or cables, is used to raise and lower the flag. External systems have the ropes/cables are on the outside of the pole. Internal systems are inside the pole and use a special handle to raise and lower the flag. Internal systems are more expensive but less prone to damage from weather or vandalism.
  • Custom options: Various finishes and custom ornament items are available that let you design the appearance of the flagpole to blend with your home or building and to give the flagpole a personalized touch. Check with the flagpole seller to see what options they offer.

Before you purchase your flagpole, check the local building codes for any restrictions and/or requirements for a flagpole.

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