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Flood Alarms

Homeowners can face extensive damage and costly repairs from a flooded basement or storage shed. The typical sources of water include:

You can minimize the damage caused by a leak with a flood alarm. Flood alarms come in two varieties:

  • simple alarms that detect the accumulation of moisture in a drain pan or on the floor. These devices can detect all sources of flood water but require the water to pool in sufficient quantities at the alarm sensor to activate it. This may mean that moderate water damage may have already been caused in other areas..
  • complex inline sensors that detect abnormal water flow . These devices are limited to controlling leaks in your water supply, which includes broken pipes and burst hot water tanks. However, they usually include shutoff mechanisms that automatically shut off the water in order to prevent significant water damage. If you buy this type, be sure that it is designed to shut off the hot water tank so that it doesn't overheat when the water is shut off.

Advanced flood alarms can be connected to your telephone line and automatically place a phone call to notify you of a problem. Flood alarms can also be integrated into a home monitoring system.

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