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Fountains can add ever changing charm to a lawn or garden and block background noise to create an air of tranquility even in an otherwise noisy environment. In some cases, the fountain might even be used inside a larger house or building.

Quality fountains are made from marble, stone, or concrete, although other materials, such as fiberglass, can be used for lower cost fountains. To conserve water, most fountains use a recirculating water pump and filtering system.

When buying a fountain, here are some aspects to consider:

  • fountain style - most are traditionally styled carvings of figures, plants, or other classical images. However, you might investigate the more modern "art" fountains that use shapes rather than images.
  • size and water flow - pick the fountain appropriate to the location. Don't pick a fountain the size of "Old Faithful" if you are planning on installing it in the corner of a small garden
  • pump efficiency - decide whether you want the fountain to flow continuously, periodically, or just when switched on. Pumps that move

    water like a fire truck are much more expensive to run than those that provide a small trickle, so be sure to compare operating costs.
  • cleaning - standing and recirculating water can lead to problems with mosquitos and algae. Investigate how to keep the fountain, its components, and the water clean before buying.

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