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Many foods can be frozen for months with little or no loss in quality. If you like to buy in bulk or have a large family to feed, you should investigate the cost savings of having a freezer in addition to your refrigerator, even if your refrigerator has a freezer compartment included.

Stand alone freezers are designed as either upright or chest models. Upright models look like refrigerators except that the entire unit is devoted to freezing. Chest models take up more room because they are shaped like a refrigerator on its side, but they can be handy for freezing large items.

When buying a freezer, no matter which kind, look for these features:

  • automatic defrost (this feature adds to the cost of the unit but saves the trouble of having to periodically defrost it)
  • interior light to make finding things easier
  • shelf/tray/drawer adjustability
  • energy efficiency

Freezers are usually placed close to but outside the kitchen, so the appearance is generally less important than with other appliances.

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