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Front Doors

The exterior doors to your house do more than keep the weather out: they provide security and make a public statement to every guest who enters your home. The following can help you choose from the many front doors available.


Plain doors present a single solid surface to the outside, broken only by the door hardware or an optional window. Distinguished by colors, these door are either modern or functional.

Paneled doors have frames within which are either raised or recessed panels. You may find a range of panels and arrangements, from two panels (one over the other), to classic six panel (cross over open book), to multi-panel (symmetric arrangements of eight to twelve panels).

Windowed doors improve the light entering your entry hallway but decrease the security and insulation value of the door. Windows come in many styles, from small clear viewing panes to elaborate leaded glass creations.


Wood doors are the long time standard and may be painted or finished to suit any taste. Generally the least expensive, they require the most care over time as they wear from exposure to weather.

Steel doors are much more durable than wooden doors and insulate about five times better because of their polyurethane core. Because of the availability of magnetic stripping (like that on your refrigerator), steel doors have the best seals. Steel doors may require some maintenance because their coatings may scratch or wear. They are also prone to damage from dents.

Fiberglass doors are also well insulated and extremely low maintenance. These doors have the lowest maintenance requirements

because they don't need resealing or repainting, won't crack or warp, and the toughness of the fiberglass makes them resistant to dents and chips. High end doors capture the appearance of wooden doors and are almost indistinguishable from them, and with the wide range of available staining kits, these doors offer unlimited possibilities in appearance.

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