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Front Loading Washing Machines

Long used in Europe, residential front loading washing machines are becoming increasingly popular in the American market and are accounting for more than 30% of all sales.

  • Although they are generally more expensive than top loading washing machines, front loaders can soon make up the difference in cost because they are so much more energy efficient. They use less than one half of the water per load, use far less detergent, and spin so much water out of the wash that it spends much less time in the drier, saving energy costs there, too.
  • Front loaded washers clean clothes better.
  • The washing process is gentler on them, so they suffer less wear and tear.

Once made only by very expensive European manufacturers, these washing machines are now also being produced by major US brands. If you are thinking of buying a front loading washing machine, consider the following:

  • Front loading washers are especially valuable for laundry areas with limited floor space, as they can be stacked with the drier. Most manufacturers sell kits that can safely install the washer and drier this way. Front loaders do not bounce and creep across the floor if the washing load becomes unbalanced.
  • Look for models with special care cycles for delicate fabrics such as silk and wool. You will save money over time by washing these fabrics at home rather than sending them to the dry cleaner.
  • Consider buying a front loaded washer with a sanitary cycle that heats the water to 160 degrees. This makes the water hot enough to kill dust mites in bedding.
  • Features such as an electronic touchpad, an automatic bleach dispenser, a soak cycle, and a quick wash cycle will add to the convenience of the washing machine but will increase its cost.

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