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Garage Doors

One of the most noticeable feature of a home is its garage door since the garage is usually incorporated into the home and facing the street. Older homes generally have a wooden plank door made from particle board or similar material that chips, warps, and needs to be painted. In search of a suitable solution, homebuilders switched to aluminum and vinyl doors because of their cost and appearance. More recently, the emphasis has been on insulation and luxury.

If you are in the market for a new garage door, here is some information to guide your selection:
  • choose a size (single car or double car) and a style (carriage house style with two doors swinging open like gates or traditional with segmented doors that roll upward)
  • choose a pattern (planks or panels)
  • choose whether to include windows in the door
  • choose a material. Steel doors come in three styles, each with a progressively higher insulation value: a single layer of steel, steel with insulation backing, and two layers of steel with a sandwiched layer of insulation. Wood doors vary from particle board panels to wood surfaced steel doors. Vinyl coated steel doors are also available.
Also, if you plan to add a garage door opener, it's important that the door slide smoothly on its tracks.

Whichever door you choose, remember that it has to be both functional (so that you can easily open and close it) and aesthetic.

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