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Garage Remodeling

In the past few years, remodeling the garage to make it a cleaner, more organized and attractive space has become one of the hottest trends in home improvement. Too many garages are currently an unorganized dumping area for anything that does not seem to fit anywhere else. Some are so full of stuff that the car no longer fits in it. Recently, however, new products have been introduced that can vastly improve the storage capabilities of most garages. These can be installed by a contractor (some of whom are now specializing in remodeled garages), or by a handy homeowner. Products include cabinets made especially for garages, all kinds of storage systems, and special new flooring that is easy to clean and that can hide damaged floors.

If you are thinking of remodeling your garage, consider the following:

  • Since this space is open to the outside, garage storage cabinets should be weather resistant and durable, able to resist damage from moisture and the occasional bump and scrape. Cabinets with doors will present a neater appearance than open shelving. By mounting the cabinets several inches above the floor, you will make it easier to sweep or hose down the garage floor when cleaning, and the contents will be protected if there is ever a flood.
  • It is no longer necessary to use nails or simple pegboard if you want to hang things on the garage wall. Attractive wire grid or slotted panel systems can hold all sorts of items, regardless of shape or size. These systems are easy to readjust or relocate within the garage. Wire grids usually hang from clips that are bolted or screwed to the wall. Frequently made from steel coated with epoxy, they are extremely durable. A wide variety of hooks, shelves and baskets that can be attached to them makes for very versatile storage. Slotted panel systems (which have a stronger wall connection than the grids) are usually made from plastic. A recently introduced, more expensive version is constructed from steel. These panels are screwed to the wall, and they use hooks and brackets capable of hanging almost anything.
  • Bikes can be hung from hooks secured to the wall or ceiling of the garage. Motorcycles, lawn mowers and ATVs can be placed on manual lifts that store them on the walls above car height. There is even a special power lift that will allow you to stack one car on top of another.
  • New hanging storage platforms make it easier than ever to use the space above the garage doors. These can be bolted to the rafters to store all kinds of things not frequently needed. They come in a variety of sizes from 2 feet by 4 feet up to 4 feet by 8 feet. Larger platforms can hold more than 300 pounds.
  • There are three types of flooring made to conceal the concrete garage floor. PVC flooring comes in colorful tiles that are easy to install and can conceal cracks in the floor. Heavy duty vinyl mats that are resistant to chemicals and petroleum products will cover the entire floor. Snap-in borders keep the mats in place. Epoxy floors are the most durable, but also the most expensive.

When purchasing some of these garage storage products, be aware that some warranties are not valid unless they are installed by a contractor licensed by the manufacturer.

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