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Granite Countertops

There is no getting around the fact that even though they are expensive, granite countertops are the most popular choice for kitchens today. If you are building or renovating with resale in mind, you need to consider installing granite. Also, it is increasingly being used in bathrooms. Granite is an igneous rock with a crystalline coarse grained texture that is formed from quartz, feldspar, mica and tiny amounts of other materials, making it so hard that it will last almost forever. Granite is very heat resistant, so you can put most hot pots directly on it. Because it is a natural stone found around the world, granite comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns. It is usually sold in two thicknesses (3/4 inch and 1 inches), although thicker looks can be created by gluing two pieces of granite together. Slabs sizes are rarely bigger than 10 feet long by 5 feet wide.

You should consider the following when buying granite countertops:

  • Since no two pieces of granite are identical, adjoining pieces should come from the same source.
  • Although granite is practically nonporous and therefore resistant to staining, acids such as lemon or orange juice will mark it if they sit for long periods of time. Cooking oils will also penetrate it. Granite should be sealed once or twice a year with a product containing fluoropolymers to prevent stains.
  • Most granite countertops are highly polished. Dark colors will show finger prints and water spotting. If this concerns you, consider ordering your countertops in an increasingly fashionable matte finish.
  • Granite countertops are heavy. Make sure the cabinets you are installing can hold

    their weight. The slabs are usually installed by gluing them to the tops of the cabinets with silicone or epoxy or by securing them to a plywood substrate.
  • If an entire kitchen of granite countertops is beyond your budget, consider using them for only part of the room or installing less expensive granite tiles.

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