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Greenhouse Windows

A greenhouse window provides the opportunity to successfully grow a small number of plants from the convenience of inside the house. These windows are most commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms, but they are also a popular feature in eating areas, family rooms, and bedrooms. A greenhouse window will have a glass top and sides that extend out from the side of the house about one to two feet so that it can better expose the plants to the rays of the sun. Depending on the size of the window, there will be two or three glass shelves on which to place plants. These windows can be custom made to fit into an existing window, but since most windows are standard sizes, a less expensive option is to order a kit made by companies that specialize in garden supplies. These greenhouse window kits are inexpensive and easy to install.

If you are thinking of buying a greenhouse window, consider the following:

  • A quality greenhouse window will have insulated glass that is tightly fitted in its frame so that it does not leak air. The frame should be made of wood or metal; vinyl clad wooden windows provide the best insulation and need the least maintenance.
  • The best place to put a greenhouse window is where it will get the most sunlight. This is usually on the south or southeast side of the building, where it will get the morning light that allows the plantsí food production process to begin early in the day. If the greenhouse window will only be used in the winter, an east location is often best, as the east captures the most sunlight from November to February. West or southwest locations will also work, but care should be taken that the late afternoon sun does not make the window too hot for the plants. A north location is suitable only for plants that require little to no direct light.
  • You should be able to vent the greenhouse window by opening the side

    windows. Look for models that have window screens and easy to operate handles. You should also be able to lock the windows to make them secure.
  • A built in water drainage system is an added convenience.

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