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Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are commonly found in a variety of desk and floor lamps. They are remarkable for their whiter light, higher light output from a smaller bulb, and efficiency over a standard incandescent bulb.

When shopping for a halogen lamp, make sure the bulb is placed behind a protective glass cover. Halogen bulbs burn hotter and the bulbs themselves are filled at a high pressure, both of which can create a safety problem if something touches the bulb or if it breaks.

Halogen bulbs are available in a wide variety of shapes. In addition to the common bulb/reflector unit found in many track and spot lights, there are singled ended bulbs for desk lamps, and short and long "double ended bulbs" for floor lamps. When replacing a bulb, be sure to match the socket, voltage, and wattage.

You should you care when replacing a halogen bulb. Because of their higher operating temperature and quartz or "hard glass" case, any oil transferred from your fingers can lead to premature failure of the case and thus the bulb. Always hold the bulb by the non-glass portion to avoid this problem.

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