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Hammer Drills

There are nearly a dozen different types of hammers, each specially suited for a particular job.

The most common type of hammer is the Common Nail hammer with Curved Claw. This hammer is designed for pounding nails, and when a nail goes astray, the curved claw can be used to pull it back out. Two very similar hammers are the Rip hammer with Straight Claw and the Finishing hammer, both of which have straighter claws. When working with small nails, brads, and such, there is a Tack hammer with a sharper, lighter head.

For metal work, there is the Ball Peen hammer, which has no claw at all.

For jobs that require a lot of pounding energy, such as driving stakes into the ground, there is the Sledge hammer, or for driving nails into masonry, there is the Hand Drilling hammer, both of which has a very heavy head. There is also a Brick hammer, which can be used to cut and set bricks and for chipping mortar.

For pounding without denting, there are two choices: the Soft-face hammer and the Carpenter's Mallet.

Lastly, there's a Drywall hammer designed for drywall work, marking wallboard, making cutouts, and setting nails with a dimple for easier finishing.

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