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If you want to relax in the shade, swing gently in the breeze, and enjoy the scenery and clouds in the sky, you are in the market for a hammock. When deciding which hammock is right for you, here are some things to consider:

  • Hammock size is important. Most hammocks are made for two people but vary in the their dimensions. Select one with an adequate width and length for your needs. Hammocks with end bars that keep the fabric stretched need to be only slightly longer than the tallest user. Hammocks without end bars need additional length to prevent them from feeling cramped.
  • Hammocks can either be self-contained or require attachment to trees or posts. Measure the area where you want to put the hammock to ensure it will fit. If securing the hammock to trees, check that the space between trees is correct. If a stand is used, make sure there is space for its legs and adequate room for you to get in and out of the hammock without bumping into something. If you donít have enough space, consider getting a one-person hammock or a hammock chair swing.
  • The hammock itself can be made from rope, string, or fabric. Rope provides greater ventilation but if loosely woven, it does not give good support. String is lightweight and molds to your body making it very comfortable. Fabric is durable, provides even support, and gives you choices in colors and designs; but fabric hammocks take longer to dry if they get wet. Look for fabrics that are stain/fade resistant and easily cleaned.
  • Accessories make time spent in the hammock more enjoyable. Look for:
    • pillows for increased comfort and support to our head and neck.
    • pads for more comfort and to eliminate any rope indentations that occur in rope hammocks.
    • weatherproof covers to protect the hammock during bad weather and when not is use.
    • mosquito netting to keep the bugs from bothering you.
    • canopies to provide shade and keep you dry during rainy weather.

Finally, don't forget a table, either attached to the hammock or free standing, to keep drinks, snacks and reading material handy while you rock away the hours..

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