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There is an endless variety of handles and knobs. But here are some tips to help you narrow down your thoughts about the kind you need:


Knobs and handles are used to open and close doors, windows, and similar type objects. If a lot of force is required to open, you should pick hardware that is strong and allows you to get a firm grip on it (that is why a doorknob is larger than a cabinet handle). Handles are better if you need to apply a lot of pulling force since handles can be grasped from behind.


Basically, knobs are round (sometimes spherical) and handles are long. Knobs twist if they must move a latch but otherwise can be fixed liked a handle. Most handles set the grip between the user and the door, however a few styles are embedded in the door to provide a flush, flat surface.


Brass, silver, aluminum, steel, and gold are the most frequently used materials. Sometimes handles are a combination of several materials, such as metal parts that attach a glass, wood, or plastic pole.


Handles and knobs are available in virtually any style. Pick the style that matches the style of the item to which it is attached (a modern style for a modern piece of furniture, for example).

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