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There are seven major styles of cabinet hinges.

Face Frame Hinges

Similar to the wrap around hinge except that the plate that attaches to the frame attaches on the front surface. The pin is similarly visible.

Flush/Full Inset Hinges

Mounted to the facing sides of the door and the frame and allows flush mounting of the door.

Inset Hinges

The hinge attaches to the front side of the frame but the back side of the door. This hinge allows the door to be mounted flush with the surface of the frame. The pin is visible.

Overlay Hinges

This hinge mounts on the back of the door but in such a way that the door is larger than the frame opening.

Reverse Bevel Hinges

Designed to mount reverse beveled doors that overlay the frame opening.

Surface Mount Hinges

This style of hinge mounts to the visible surface of the door and the frame.

Wrap Around Hinges

These hinges are so named because the plate that attaches to the frame literally wraps around the frame. The hinge's pin is visible, and the hinge is mounted to the inside edge of the frame.

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