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Home Safes

A home safe can help protect your valuables from theft and fire. Family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, cherished collections, important records and documents, and irreplaceable photos and mementos can all be safeguarded from a devastating loss by purchasing a safe. Newer model safes are easy to use and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Some can be hidden in walls or floors, making them almost impossible to find.

Consider the following if you wish to buy a home safe:

  • Fires can burn so intensely that no safe is truly “fireproof” if exposed to high temperatures for long periods. Depending on the materials used to manufacture the safe and the method used to construct it, safes can provide varying degrees of fire resistance. Better, more expensive models will offer more resistance. A good safe should be able to keep its internal temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes, the average time it takes for fire fighters to arrive and put out a fire. Look for two to four layers of 5/8 inch fireboard construction.
  • Protection from theft is provided by the body construction of the safe, including the thickness of the steel plates used and the quality of the welding. The thickness of the door and the use of hardened plate steel for door reinforcements are also important. The type and quality of lock, the number of locking bolts, the bolt locking mechanisms, and the relocking devices must also be considered. All of these improve as you pay more for a better safe model. Look for features such as:
    • Internal ball bearings encased in hardened steel that protect against attempted drilling because they will break drill bits.
    • A mechanism that will cause the door handle to slip when excessive force is applied.
    • A sensory relocking device that will secure the door in the locked position

      if the lock is tampered with.
    • Heat treated steel that hardens the safe against breaking, bending or penetration.
    • Construction that welds and seals all the seams.

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