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Kitchen Sink Hot Water Dispensers

Nothing beats the convenience of having hot water instantly available from a faucet mounted at the kitchen sink when you are cooking or thawing food or when you are preparing hot drinks, soups, sauces, or hot cereals. These instant hot water dispensers are actually miniature electric water heaters. A small tank under the sink heats and holds nearly boiling water that is dispensed through a sink top spout that is separate from the main tap. The system hooks up directly to a cold water pipe under the sink. Water flows into the tank where it is heated by an electric coil. The hot water fills the chamber in the upper part of the tank, where it is held until it is needed.

If you are thinking of buying a hot water dispenser for your kitchen sink, consider the following:

  • The water from these dispensers is much hotter than that coming from the hot water tap (about 190 degrees). The water temperature can be adjusted by a thermostat that is part of the unit. Look for models with a replaceable thermal fuse that will protect the tank from overheating.
  • The tanks in these dispensers vary in size from 1/3 to 1/2 of a gallon. The heating elementsí wattage usually ranges from 500 to 1300 watts. The largest models can produce up to 100 cups of hot water per hour.
  • These hot water dispensers are made in a variety of finishes that match almost any style of kitchen faucet. They can operate by twist grips, lever releases, or by pushing a button on top.
  • Over time hot water dispensers may accumulate scale from hard water. Look for models that have a drain plug in the bottom that allows the tank to be emptied once or twice a year.

Some manufacturers make models that also allow chilled water to be dispensed from the same unit.

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