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Kitchen Ice Makers

For those who frequently entertain and for active families who enjoy cold drinks, an under the counter ice maker has become a “must have.” They can be found in the kitchen, around the bar area, and especially in outdoor kitchens. Those who frequently fill large coolers also find them handy.

These under the counter ice makers differ from the ice makers found in the freezer compartments of most refrigerators: not only do they make larger quantities of ice, but the quality of ice they produce is also superior. Ice makers make the size and shape cube made by commercial ice makers. And, as water fills the ice making forms, any impurities in the water sink to the bottom, so the frozen ice cube is clear and does not have the freezer burn taste that ice made in the freezer can have.

If you are thinking of buying an under the counter ice maker, consider the following:

  • Under the counter ice makers come as both stand alone and built in models. The most popular models are made to fit under the standard kitchen counter (36 inches) and are about 18 inches wide. While both types are easy to install, it is easier to build them in if you are remodeling your kitchen. They are available with a variety of door finishes that match other appliances in the kitchen, including black and white glass and stainless steel. Only stainless steel is recommended for outdoor use.
  • Units are available that make between 12 and 50 pounds of ice a dat. The average amount of ice produced by a residential unit is 35 pounds.
  • Ice makers come with both left and right door hinges so they will open either way. More expensive models have convenient drop down doors for easier access. These also featured lighted bins.
  • Models with electric cleaning cycles will ensure that the ice produced is always top quality. These units are also easier to maintain.

Be sure to plan your electrical requirements. Under the counter ice makers require a grounded circuit. A time delay fuse or circuit breaker and using a separate circuit are also recommended.

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