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Incinerating Toilets

Incinerating toilets are a good choice for cabins, boats, docks, barns or homes in remote areas because incinerating toilets are a good way to install toilet facilities in locations where you do not want the expense and trouble of running water lines and sewage systems -- or where those conveniences are simply not available.

Most incinerating toilets use electricity to heat bathroom waste to a temperature that reduces it to a small amount of ash, which can be occasionally thrown into the garbage. A paper liner is dropped into the toilet bowl before each use, and the liner and its contents drop into an incinerator space when the foot pedal is pushed. Incineration starts by pushing a button, and the heater processes the waste for a preset time at a very high temperature. A blower then cools the incinerating unit.

If you are thinking of installing an incinerating toilet, consider the following:

  • Incinerating toilets come in 120 and 240 volt models. They require 15 amps and use about 1.5 kilowatt hours of electricity per incinerating cycle. Make sure your electrical hook up is sufficient; if not, investigate buying a natural gas or propane model.
  • They can be used in almost any climate, including spaces that are seasonally unheated.
  • Several people can use these toilets in rapid succession, even when the incinerating process is working.
  • Because the bathroom waste is incinerated after each use, there are no unpleasant odors. The ash produced is germ free, so there is never a problem disposing of it.

Although significantly more expensive than standard toilets, incinerating toilets are simple to install and easy to maintain, and the paper bowl liner keeps the stainless steel bowl clean.

To learn more about regular toilets, see our toilet overview article.

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