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Infrared Heat Rooms

In recent years infrared heat rooms have started to replace traditional saunas among those looking for the relaxing benefits of radiant heat. Infrared rooms are popular with those who want to clean the body’s pores, relax tired muscles, and relieve stress. They are used by all levels of athletes seeking pre-workout warm ups to increase flexibility and prevent injuries. They are a valuable aid in physical and massage therapy.

Like saunas, these infrared rooms are usually made of tongue and grove boards constructed from cedar, redwood, white spruce, or pine. Unlike saunas, infrared rooms do not use heaters to warm stones, nor do they rely on water to produce small amounts of steam. Infrared rooms use a series of infrared heaters installed at various levels and angles to produce warm, enveloping heat that spreads evenly throughout the room. They do not get as hot or humid as saunas.

Infrared heat rooms are available as kits from specialty manufacturers. If you are thinking of putting an infrared room in your home, consider the following:

  • Infrared rooms heat the body, not the room space, so they are more efficient than traditional saunas. If, however, you like the steam produced by pouring water on rocks, a sauna is still the better choice.
  • Infrared rooms come in a variety of sizes, so be sure you have room for the model you want. Most infrared rooms are installed near the master bedroom, near an exercise room, or in the basement.
  • Different models of infrared rooms come with a variety of equipment, including built-in benches, glass doors, and heatproof stereo speakers, so be sure you are purchasing the accessories you want.
  • Check to make sure that an infrared room can be safely operated, as your home’s electrical system must be able to handle the extra electricity demand.

Finally, be sure to check with the seller and your local building and zoning codes for installation specifics and to see if a permit is required.

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