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Jetted Laundry Sinks

Made for those who do not want to spend the time hand washing delicate clothing, jetted laundry sinks (also known as “sink spas”) are becoming the latest “must have” for the laundry room. These fancy utility sinks can eliminate the need for costly dry cleaning of delicate washable items of clothing that shouldn’t go into a regular washing machine (because of the wear caused by the agitating motion). Jetted laundry sinks operate by either shooting jets of water from the sides or by producing gentle bubbles of air which drift up from the bottom of the sink. They are about the size of a regular utility sink (approximately 2 feet wide by 2 feet long by 12 inches deep). Made from durable and easy to maintain acrylic reinforced with fiberglass, they are easy to install.

If you are thinking of buying a sink spa, consider the following:

  • Jetted sinks have several micro jets that swirl water to simulate hand washing. Look for:
    • various speed settings for different weight items
    • an automatic timer to control washing time
    • ability to keep especially delicate items with beads or sequins from being damaged by coming into contact with the sides of the sink.
  • These sinks are manufactured in many colors and a variety of textures that resemble such luxury materials as granite or marble.
  • Bubbling sinks clean by producing air bubbles that cause the water to gently swirl. Features include a washboard on the interior front of the sink, an electronic control panel, and a 200 watt variable speed blower with an automatic dry cycle.
  • Jetted sinks are not meant to replace washing machines. They can handle only a few items at a time, and hand wringing is still required.

When they are not washing clothes, these sinks can be used as a regular utility sink. Owners should be careful not to use them to clean certain types of objects, such as paint brushes or garden tools caked with dirt, since pieces of debris can block the jets.

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