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Kickspace Heaters

A kickspace heater is a good choice for any area where there is no room for a larger heating unit. These compact heaters usually only measure about 4 inches high by 20 inches wide by 9 inches deep, so they can be installed in the kickspace beneath a cabinet, under the stairs or in other hard to heat places. Kickspace units are small and powerful; they can provide the heat produced by a 10 foot section of electric baseboard. The fans in newer model are extremely quiet, so the result is gentle warm air circulation.

If you are thinking of installing a kickspace heater, consider the following:

  • Most kickspace heaters have an on/off switch on the front, and many also have a high/low switch that will control the fan speed. If you want the kickspace heater to operate automatically, look for units that have a built-in thermostat or that can have one wired to an external one.
  • In order to keep the kickspace heater from burning out due to any restriction to the air flow, the unit should have a thermal operated cut off switch. This will disconnect the power to the fan and the heater. Look for a model that requires a manual reset; while this may seem cumbersome, it is safer to know that the heater is encountering a problem rather than having it simply turn back on when it has cooled off.
  • If the unit is going to place anywhere it can be kicked (beneath a cabinet or a stair riser, for example), make sure it has a sturdy grill and a cover plate for any controls because it will more than likely be accidentally kicked.
  • As with any heating or cooling device, look for the manufacturer's air flow capacity and room size recommendation to make sure your unit will provide sufficient heating. If not, consider using several units..

Most kickspace heaters require electrical service of 110 volts and 15 amps, which is standard in most homes. Kickspace heaters can often be installed in existing cabinets with a little carpentry and electrical work.

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