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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are basically very expensive, pretty wood boxes for holding out of sight your pots, pans, food, and all the rest of your kitchen supplies. Cost and appearance are the two primary concerns, but you should also consider ease of cleaning and durability. If you are handy with a drill and hammer, you can replace your cabinets yourself, although you should have a friend available when it comes time to mount the upper cabinets (they can be very heavy).


Solid wood, wood veneer, and melamine are the most common materials. Solid wood is the most expensive but allows prettier surface contours and is the most durable. Almost always, only the fronts (doors and frame) of solid wood cabinets are solid wood; the rest of the cabinets are usually made from plywoods or fiber or particle boards. Veneer cabinets provide the appearance of solid wood (and often blend solid wood in order to provide surface contours) at a considerably lower cost. Melamine and other synthetic surfaces can provide a modern, sleek surface that is very easy to clean.


You can choose between standardized cabinets and custom fit. Standardized cabinets are usually shipped in pieces and assembled in your kitchen. The cabinets come in a variety of widths to accommodate most

kitchens with only small areas lost to filler boards. Custom cabinets should fit like a glove and maximize the space available. Custom cabinets usually ship pre-assembled (some using furniture-quality assembly techniques). As you would expect, custom cabinets are considerably more than comparable standardized cabinets.

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