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Laser Measurers

Laser measurers are small and easy to hold devices used to determine distance and length. Using a laser beam, you simply aim to the point you wish to measure and receive a precise measurement. Because prices can range from about $30 to very expensive, here are some things to consider before purchasing one:

  • Expensive models are generally for
    • professional and scientific purposes
    • determining lengths of less than a foot to over 300 feet
    • determining very accurate measurements, with some models accurate to 0.125 of an inch
    • determining many computations, with some models storing 10 or more values and constants with calculator functions to find area and volume.
  • Less expensive models are generally for
    • everyday uses such as measuring rooms, home projects and finding room areas
    • determining lengths of a foot to 50 feet or more
    • accurate but less precise measurements
    • often are a combination of measurer and level units

Accessories you might consider purchasing are:

  • carrying case with room for spare batteries
  • wrist strap to keep the laser measurer handy and safe from falling
  • red laser glasses to protect your eyes

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