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Laundry Drying Cabinets

Laundry drying cabinets solve the problem of what to do with wet items that cannot go into the drier. Previously, these items had to be hung on whatever might serve as a hanger holder or laid out flat on various surfaces of the room. All this clutter made for a messy and unattractive appearance. Drying cabinets are designed to look like built in units. They will quickly dry clothes and items such as toys, pillows, shoes, umbrellas and even camping gear by circulating gentle heat throughout the interior of the cabinet. Drying time can be reduced from days to a few hours.

If you are thinking of buying a drying cabinet, consider the following:

  • These units can accommodate up to eight garments hanging from an interior bar. Look for special racks that slide in and out for easy loading of items that need to dry flat, such as sweaters.
  • Up to four levels of heat are usually featured in these cabinets. There is also an air only setting. Best results are obtained when items of similar weight are dried together, but the heat level should always be set for the lightest weight items.
  • A timers that can be set for up to 4 hours is both practical and a safety feature. Since these cabinets dry clothes slowly, long drying times are normal, but a timer will make sure the cabinet is not left running continuously.

As with a conventional clothes dryer, items that have been exposed to cooking oils or gasoline should not be dried in these cabinets. Anything containing foam rubber can only be air dried. The cabinetís exhaust opening needs to be regularly cleaned of any accumulated dust, dirt and lint.

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