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Lawn Care Services

Lawn care services cover a variety of activities, including, but not limited to:

  • cutting grass
  • watering grass
  • fertilizing
  • controlling harmful insects
  • seeding
  • laying down sod
  • weeding
  • removing leaves, pine needles, brush, and other plant debris

Some services even branch out into other aspects of landscaping, such as:

  • pruning shrubs, bushes, and small trees
  • gardening services, such as planting and caring for flowers and flower beds
  • driving away burrowing animals such as moles

Local, state, and federal laws tightly regulate the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Before hiring a service that will utilize toxic substances of this sort, be sure that it is properly licensed. This is an important safety consideration for your family, pets, and yourself, not to mention the birds and other wildlife that may frequent your property. A responsible lawn service will give you detailed instructions on what you should do after a chemical application, such as how long you should stay off the affected areas, and should leave warning signs along the perimeter.

Some lawn services address concerns about hazardous chemicals by offering non-toxic or “organic” alternatives, either exclusively or as an option.

If you have a large property and/or a variety of lawn and garden needs, you must balance the convenience of hiring a single contractor to do it all with the possibility

that you may get higher quality service overall by hiring a separate specialist for each activity. However, going with a variety of specialists can be more expensive, as well as more challenging in scheduling and coordinating their work.

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