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Lighting Overview

As every decorator knows, the right light fixture can "make or break" any room. But with so many different designs, many bordering on being works of art, finding the right fixture (track lights, chandelier, bullet light, sconce, etc.) can be very time consuming. However, buying lighting online is a dream come true: you can take advantage of a wide selection to find just the right light fixture at the right price without leaving the comfort of home.

When choosing a design, remember the practical aspects of the light fixture -- that its function is to illuminate, so consider the effect created by the arrangement and type of lights. A few tips:

  • avoid spotlights pointed down on glossy surfaces such as glass or polished table tops or tiled floors
  • if choosing a light to hang over a table, make sure the light evenly illuminates the entire table
  • choose whether you want the soft glow of scattered, indirect illumination or the harsh, pencil-sharp beams of spot lights
  • decide whether you want to be able to change the pattern of light (if so, choose track style or positionable lights)

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