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Liquid Rubber Roofing

Liquid rubber roofing systems are the perfect choice for restoring old asphalt, wood, metal, or concrete roofs. They can also be used on new flat or low slope roofs. This system consists of a high quality water-based acrylic coating that has been reinforced with an embedded polyester fabric. It is applied with a paint roller to the surface of the existing roof to form a seamless, permanent elastomeric membrane.

If you are thinking of installing a liquid rubber roofing system, consider the following:

  • Liquid rubber roofs are easy and inexpensive to apply. Because the liquid is water based, there are no strong odors or fumes to cope with. They are cleaner to work with than most other roofing systems.
  • They can be safely used with rainwater collection systems.
  • Liquid rubber roofs systems can withstand temperatures as low as -60F degrees and as high as 300F degrees. They will not crack or shrink. They are also corrosion resistant and are not affected by exposure to salts.
  • These roofs cure slowly, but they form an immediate excellent water, vapor, and gas barrier. Flashings are simply painted in place and form an integral part of the membrane. It is easy to make future repairs.

Although liquid roofs come in a variety of colors, most building owners prefer white because it deflects the sunís rays and keeps the interior spaces much cooler.

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