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Designing a Luxury Bathroom

The latest trend in home building and remodeling is installing a bathroom that serves as a relaxing home spa. If you are adding a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one and want to turn it into a luxury bathroom, you should consider incorporating some of the following features:

  • A large soaking tub (ofuro) or Jacuzzi is often the focal point of the luxury bathroom. These tubs can be sleekly contemporary, or they can look like antique fixtures with fancy claw feet.
  • A separate shower area is very desirable. Showers should be fitted with rainfall showerheads or have a number of performance heads installed at different heights. One of the latest trends is the water tile, which is fitted into the ceiling of the shower area. Steam showers are also very popular, as are nearby saunas or infrared heat rooms.
  • Tankless or wall mounted toilets are favored by those who like a contemporary European look. For real comfort, buy a heated toilet seat. The ultimate luxury bathroom usually also includes a bidet.
  • A heated towel rack will warm your towels. If you are putting in a new floor, install a radiant heating system for real comfort underfoot.
  • An electric fireplace will provide the ambiance of a real fireplace without all the hassle of burning real logs. These fireplaces have split wood logs and glowing embers that can look surprisingly real, but they are conveniently turned on and off by a remote control. Adding a mantel will result in an especially stylish look.
  • Luxury bathrooms can also include flat-panel TVs and special lighting from sconces on the walls or a chandelier hung over the tub. Colored 25 watt light bulbs can be used as mood lights. The addition of upholstered arm chairs or a chaise lounge will turn the bathroom into a comfortable dressing area. Some people even install a coffee or tea station for getting ready in the morning or relaxing with a good book or magazine.

Lastly, don't forget a speakerphone for casual chats during long soaks without the risk of damage or injury from using a conventional, portable, or wireless phone while wet.

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