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Macerating Toilets

A macerating toilet will allow you to easily and inexpensively install a toilet in an area that does not have a floor drain. When flushed, it empties out the back of the toilet into a box located on the floor behind the toilet. The box grinds up human waste and toilet paper into a slurry, which is then pumped through a 1/4 inch line into the building’s soil stack.

Macerating toilets are especially useful for adding an extra toilet in the basement without the expense and trouble of breaking into a cement floor. They are also invaluable in cases where an elderly or infirm resident needs a toilet installed on a first floor level or in a bedroom. These toilets are made by specialty manufacturers.

Macerating toilets are simple to install, usually requiring less than a day to be fully

operational. The pump allows a macerating toilet to work as far as 9 feet below the sewer level and up to 150 feet from it

Because their installation is completely reversible, they are ideal for situations where a toilet will only be needed on a temporary basis.

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