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Marble Countertops

For sheer elegance and luxury nothing can match the look of marble countertops. It can be an expensive choice, but marble's beautiful veining and lovely subtle color makes it irresistible to touch. Although popular in bathrooms, marble is also often installed in high end kitchens. Marble is a natural stone that is usually soft and porous, although some marbles are harder. Untreated, it is easy to gouge and stain. Acids like vinegar and citric juices may blemish marble; even water can mark it. Marble can, however, be sealed to prevent this kind of damage. Treated gently, marble can be used for countertops that will last for years.

Consider the following if you wish to install marble countertops:

  • Pay particular attention to the installation of marble countertops. The veins in marble are actually small fault lines along which the marble slab can break if improperly seated on the top of the cabinets. Since marble is heavy, the cabinets need to be able to support its weight.
  • Marble comes from many parts of the world, and is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, each with its own characteristics. Adjoining pieces should come from the same source.
  • Staining problems can be reduced by selecting a darker colored or more heavily veined marble that will disguise the marks. Although often highly polished, marble can be honed to produce a satin like finish that can be scoured with steel wool to remove some stains. Those stains that remain will be somewhat hidden by the non-reflective finish. These

    matte finishes are becoming increasingly fashionable.

If your budget cannot accommodate large sections of marble in the kitchen, consider installing it in a smaller baking area. Marble’s cool surface makes it an excellent choice for rolling out pastry or making candy, such as fudge.

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