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Anti-Fatigue Mat Floors

Anti-fatigue mats are solid surface rubber mats designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort for those who need to stand for extended periods of time. They promote better posture and circulation and help eliminate stress on joints, feet and backs. The mats are suitable for factories, retail shops, office buildings, or home work areas. One piece mats are generally sized 3 feet by 2 feet and come in inch and inch thicknesses. Some come as interlocking pieces.

Look for the following when buying ant-fatigue mats:

  • Mats should be made of 100% rubber that will not shrink or curl at the edges.
  • Mat surfaces should be non-skid to prevent slipping accidents.
  • Mats should be dark colored to avoid showing dirt and wear. Black or brown are the most common, but colors such as dark gray, green or burgundy are also available.
  • Mats should be lightweight, so they can easily be moved to different work areas. However, most manufactures recommend that these mats should be used only over dry floors.

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