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Metal Tile

Metal tiles made from solid pieces of bronze, stainless steel, copper, and brass are becoming increasingly popular choices for upscale kitchen and bathroom countertops and walls. Metal is an especially sanitary surface because solids and liquids will not penetrate its surface, so these tiles will resist bacteria and discourage the growth of mildew. Metal tiles are also durable because, unlike ceramic or porcelain tile, they will not stain or crack.

If you are thinking of installing metal tiles, consider the following:

  • Metal is easy to clean, but harsh, gritty cleansers should be avoided because they will eventually scratch and dull the surface.
  • If you are concerned about scratches, chose a brushed, textured, or matte metal finish rather than a shiny, polished one.
  • Some tiles, such as copper tiles, will discolor over time. You can choose to seal them to prevent this, or allow the metal to naturally age to a soft, burnished patina.
  • Since metal tiles come in a wide range of sizes, creating attractive and unique designs is easy to make.

Metal tiles can be used in any style of decorating, but they often look best in contemporary interiors. Be careful in how you use them, however, since metal tiles can look and feel cold. You might consider mixing them with materials such as wood, stone, or ceramics for a warmer and more natural look.

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