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Controlling Ground Moles

One of the more damaging lawn pests is the mole, an underground animal that covers the lawn with unsightly tunnels and mounds of dirt. While tunneling under the lawn looking for food, it can also damage the roots of plants. There are several options for getting rid of moles and protecting the lawn:

  • Barriers: If the area you want to protect against moles is small, such as a garden or flowerbed, putting a barrier (usually metal) in the ground that extends below the tunneling depth offers long-term protection to plants by preventing moles from going into the area. Because it is expensive for large areas and doesnít eliminate the moles from other areas, other options might be better.
  • Poison: Choices of poisoning include treating the lawn with a pesticide to get rid of the grubs and other insects moles like to eat or using a product that actually kills the moles. Care must be used with these to avoid risks to children, pets, and wildlife.
  • Ultrasound devices: Using high-pitched noise, these devices drive the moles away. Look for ones that install below the grass level so that you donít accidentally damage one or your mower while cutting the lawn.
  • Fumigation: These are gases/fumes that fill the tunnels and either drive the moles away or kill them. A licensed pest control company must apply some of these products.
  • Traps: There are a variety of traps that are placed in an active mole tunnel that will capture or kill a mole. More than one trap may be needed since mole tunnels are extensive. If a trap captures the mole, the mole must be released far away so it doesnít return to the area.

To completely eliminate moles from your lawn, you may have to use a combination of methods and repeated applications.

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