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Outdoor Showers

There is nothing like the relaxing experience of an outdoor shower to bring you closer to nature. Whether it is at the beach or lake, by the pool, or just in the backyard, an outdoor shower allows you to enjoy the breezes, sounds ,and sun or moon light. It is also a practical way of washing off without trekking outside debris indoors. Outside showers are extremely useful for children.

Consider the following if you are thinking of installing an outdoor shower:

  • Since an outdoor shower will have to endure all kinds of weather, you should select only the most durable plumbing parts. Stainless steel or brass valves and shower heads will resist rust and corrosion. This is especially important in salt air environments. Outdoor shut off controls should be in an insulated location if temperatures drop below freezing in the winter. Also consider the distance between the shower and the water heater if you wish to have hot water. A metal tank will heat a limited amount of water if it is placed where it gets full sun.
  • If you want the privacy of an enclosure, you will need to use materials that resist water damage and mold. Wooden structures should be built from rot resistant woods such as cedar, teak, mahogany, or pressure treated lumber. Also good choices are canvas, stainless steel mesh, or lightscreen panels made from translucent marbles suspended in an aluminum grid that block the view but not the light create an airy, light filled atmosphere.
  • Shower floors can be made from stone, such as limestone or bluestone, rot resistant woods, synthetic decking or shallow concrete blocks. There needs to be enough space between the flooring materials for water run off; drainage should be away from building walls and foundations. If possible, crushed gravel and an underground drain should be installed beneath the shower.
  • Outdoor showers that are installed against the wall of the house will have better air circulation if only one wall of the house is used. Showers placed beneath a deep overhang or deck will lose the enjoyment of showering under the open sky but will gain privacy from second floor views.
  • Depending on how much space you have for your shower, amenities such as shelves for shampoo and soap, towel pegs, a bench or enclosed dressing area can be added. Avoid installing bright lights next to the shower, as they will attract unwanted insects.

To avoid damaging surrounding plants remember to use only environmentally sensitive soaps and shampoos when showering.

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