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Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens

The hottest new appliance for the kitchen or patio is the wood fired oven. These attractively rustic ovens bake bread and pizzas with deliciously crispy crusts. They also roast meats and vegetables with a sweet, woody flavor. Long a feature of old world European cooking, wood fired ovens are becoming a must have, especially in the increasingly popular outside kitchen. These ovens are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes in both on site modular and preassembled models. When decorated to match the appearance of your home, a wood fired oven will become the focal point of your kitchen or patio.

If you are thinking of purchasing a wood fired oven, consider the following:

  • Assess the amount of space you have for your oven. Wood fired ovens need more room than other ovens because the interior needs to be big enough for both the fire and the food to sit side by side.
  • Wood fired ovens can reach temperatures of up to 900F degrees. They are so well insulated that they provide even cooking temperatures with low fuel consumption. The flavor of the food is influenced by the type of wood burned. Maple, oak and cherry are among those woods typically used.
  • Traditional Italian ovens are made from refractory terra cotta from the Tuscan region. American build ovens can be either terra cotta or heavy gauge thick cast refractory metal.
  • When making your plans, be sure to designate a convenient place to store the wood fuel.

Wood fired ovens are not for microwave or gas grill oriented cooks because the ovens take time to heat to cooking temperatures.

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