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Outdoor Rooms

The new trend for luxurious outdoor rooms uses sturdy but attractive furnishings to create an elegant and comfortable entertaining space to relax with family and friends. If you are thinking of creating an elegant outdoor room, consider the following:

  • When building your outdoor room, use natural materials that harmonize with the construction of your house. Stone, brick, or tile floors and walls will add to the luxurious feeling and make your room a more permanent part of your property. Consider using newer materials such as cast stone. You might even install a pergola to serve as a see through roof.
  • Break up the space to provide areas for both seating and dining. Using area rugs is a good way to accomplish this. Make these areas more intimate by placing decorative planters in strategic spots to define the spaces and to hide any unattractive features, such as meters mounted on walls. Round dining tables encourage conversation more than long oblong models.
  • Curtains that resist damage from the weather can be installed to provide privacy and protection from wind and rain.
  • Hang mirrors to reflect sunlight and moonlight and use lamps to increase the ambiance of your room. Consider installing a ceiling fan to cool the space and keep bugs away. If you really want to splurge, build an outdoor fireplace that will extend the seasonal use of your room or install a water feature such as a small waterfall or fountain that can mask the noise of traffic. An outdoor audio system can also be a valuable investment.
  • Manufacturers are producing many styles of furniture from high quality woods such as teak, cypress, and Brazilian cherry or lightweight aluminum that looks like cast iron. Weather resistant wicker and rattan are extremely comfortable choices. This furniture can be left outside year round. The sofas, easy chairs and ottomans can be upholstered in fabrics that are made for the outdoors.
  • Bring the indoors out. Pillows and throws can easily be carried back into the house in case of bad weather, but they add an incomparable luxurious touch. For truly elegant entertaining, use fine linens, china, crystal and silver.

Finally, donít forget the lighting. Candles are good for romantic dining. Outdoor lighting that defines pathways and highlights features of your yard will add drama to your setting.
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