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While the basic function of all ovens is the same -- transferring heat to food -- there are many variations of ovens, each suited to a particular cooking style.

When buying an oven, here are some factors to consider:

  • Heating type - flame, heating element, convection, or radiation.
  • Power source - electric, gas, wood, or coal
  • Size and number of ovens
  • Style - standalone, oven/range combinations, and built-in (for below or above counter use)
  • Appearance, which includes materials such as stainless steel and colors.
  • Convenience features such as delayed start, multiple temperature programming, and digital temperature setting and readout.
  • Usage - consider whether the primary purpose will be for baking, broiling, keeping warm, defrosting, warming, or reheating, and whether the oven will be used as a part of your main kitchen or perhaps in another area of your house such as an outdoor kitchen or snack area.

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