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Oversize Toilets

If you are a larger than average person and are looking for a toilet that can accommodate you, consider installing an oversize toilet. These toilets have bowls that are about 6 inches longer than the average elongated toilet bowl. They can support up to about 2000 pounds. Although the seat opening is no larger than a standard toilet, the seats are much wider than average. The seat height is about 2 ˝ inches higher than the standard 15 inch height. The larger seat is supported by molded flares on the underside of the seat. These toilets comply with both the Americans with Disabilities Act and with the 1.6 gallons per flush standard set by the federal government. Sometimes referred to as “Big John” or “Great John” toilets,

they are made by manufacturers that specialize in bathroom fixtures. These toilets may be hard to find in bathroom showrooms, so they may have to be specially ordered from catalogs or online.

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