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Oversized Rain Gutters

If you have large roof surfaces or live in a rainy climate, regular sized rain gutters may not be sufficient to channel the rainfall away from your house. And, if you have a steep roof in a windy location, you may find that it collects more water than normal and also overflows your normal sized gutters. The solution to this problem is to use extra wide (also called "oversized") rain gutters.

Here are some tips if you are considering oversized gutters:

  • Because oversized gutters are more expensive, use them only on the roof edges that require additional capacity. Put regular gutters on all other roof edges.
  • Water is heavy and oversized gutters hold more water, which means more weight and the weight is further cantilevered out than with regular gutters. Make sure that the gutters are sufficiently sturdy, have sturdy attachment hardware, and have a solid surface to attach to.
  • Oversized gutters can help in normal rain areas if the force and slope of the water running off your roof causes it to overshoot your gutters. Wider gutters offer a larger "target" and thus reduces spillage.
  • Oversized gutters can be used in normal rain areas for longer distances between downspouts. If you are intermixing gutter sizes, make sure that the manufacturer makes conversion pieces.

Finally, a secondary benefit of using larger gutters and downspouts is the fact that they are less likely to clog. Sometimes, homeowners will install extra wide downspouts on regular gutters to alleviate some of the clogging.

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