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Paint Sprayers

The fastest way to paint (faster than brushes and rollers) is to use a paint sprayer. In addition to their speed, they can apply an even coat to uneven surfaces.

There are three types of paint sprayers:

  • air-powered spray guns - these sprayers use air compressors to atomize the paint and then spray the paint/air mixture; they tend to be expensive but are the choice of professionals
  • air-less sprayers - these sprayers use electricity to power a pump to force the paint out through a nozzle at a very high speed.
  • high volume, low pressure (HVLP) sprayers - these

    sprayers waste less paint because, with the low pressure, the paints droplets travel at a lower speed and so less paint bounces off the surface and there is less need to overspray the surface. Also, there is less risk of spray yourself and having the high pressure drive toxic paint under your skin

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