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Palm Floors

The use of natural products that do not destroy wildlife habits has become one of the hottest trends in decorating, especially among those who are looking to go “green.”

Coconut trees are the latest material to be used for flooring. The wood from these palm trees is as hard as maple and as dark as cherry. The rich coloring has a beautiful graining. Known as “Durapalm,” this exotic wood flooring is made from plantation grown coconut palms imported from Southeast Asia. Previously, the growers would discard the palm trees once they had grown for about 80 years and stopped producing coconuts. Now they are used to make a fabulous new wood flooring.

Only the outer third of the one foot diameter palm trees is hard enough to use. The manufacturing process layers and laminates together three sheets of palm to form a ¾ inch board. The result is a solid wood floor that is very durable. The boards can be sanded up to five times. They can be purchased both unfinished and prefinished.

Palm floors have a rich, warm, natural look. They can be used in homes of any age and
style. They are suitable for almost any room in the house, especially living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and for stairs.

Clean palm floors by vacuuming or sweeping and occasionally mopping them with clear water.

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