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Electronic Pet Fences

If you would like to allow your dog to run around outside but want to restrain him to the yard without chains, leashes, and fences, you should consider an electronic pet fence, such as the Invisible Fence (TM) by Invisible Fence, Inc.

Electronic pet fences use radio signals and a special collar to deliver a small shock whenever your dog approaches the boundaries that you set. The level of the shock is generally somewhere around the static discharge you get when you touch metal after rubbing your feet on carpet -- noticeable enough that you want to avoid it but not painful.

When comparing pet fences, look for these features:

  • installation effort (buried line or central transmitter)
  • signal technology (to avoid false triggering)
  • warning method
  • collars size and weight
  • battery requirements and useful life
  • training features

In order for it to be effective, the collar should emit a suitable warning tone a sufficient time and distance before your dog is shocked for crossing the imaginary fence. Also, keep in mind that an electronic pet fence is not an absolute barrier: your dog may still penetrate the fence, and it has no effect on any animal not wearing an active collar.

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