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Pet Showers

Pet showers are an innovative addition to the luxury laundry room. These open stall showers with waterproof walls and with floors with drains make bathing and grooming your pet easier and more pleasant for both you and your pet. Pet showers are more frequently being included in high end new housing, but they can be installed in existing homes that are being remodeled.

If you are thinking of putting in a pet shower, consider the following:

  • Since pet showers are usually a custom designed enclosure, the materials chosen for the shower will determine the price. Luxurious natural stone and hand made ceramics will cost more than standard tiles.
  • The floor of the shower should include a tiled lip to keep the water in the stall. A hair catcher placed over the drain will help prevent drain clogs. Cushioned mesh bathing mats can be placed on the floor to prevent the petís nails from scratching the floor while still allowing the water to drain through.
  • Many pet showers use a hand held fixture installed on the wall for a showerhead. Make sure that this is placed at a comfortable height for you and your pet to eliminate having to bend over when using it.

Pet showers can be designed so that they have both interior and exterior accessibility so that your pet doesn't have to track dirt through the house. Pet showers can also be used for rinsing off small children, camping or sports gear, and other household chores.

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