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Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps have long been popular with woodworkers because nothing else works as well when you need to clamp over long distances (like holding the opposite sides of a bookcase together). The beauty of these clamps is that they can be as long as you want because you supply your own standard iron pipe to serve as the back bone of the clamp. If you want a two foot clamp, use a two foot pipe. If you want a six foot pipe, switch the clampís removable iron fittings to a six foot pipe. Moreover, you can go from longer to shorter without changing pipes because the non-screwing clamp head slides along the pipe and locks in place wherever you choose. Pipe clamps are available to match two standard sizes of iron pipe, for 3/4 inch pipe and for 1/2 inch pipe. For the average homeowner, the smaller size provides ample holding power.

Clamps with any major amount squeezing force are likely to mar the project surfaces when they are tightened. The most significant factor is the size of the clamp pads, with larger pads spreading the crushing force

over a wider surface area. Almost invariably you will need to use scraps of wood between the work piece and the clamp to distribute the clamping force, so donít overestimate the significant of whether the clamp you are buying comes with rubber or nylon pad covers.
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