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Plastic Attic Flooring Panels

A great way to increase the storage space in your house is by installing plastic attic flooring panels in your unfinished attic. These lightweight, prefabricated panels can quickly and easily provide a floor that turns an unfinished attic into a safe place to store those belongings you want to keep but donít have room for elsewhere. Plastic panels are easily installed by one person, they fit through small attic entries, and can be used in all or part of the attic. They can be installed in small sections over time as needed, or they can be used as a sturdy pathway to gain access to hard to reach areas of the attic.

If you are thinking buying plastic flooring panels for your attic, consider the following:

  • The panels are usually manufactured in 16 inch or 24 inch widths. They are installed by screwing the panels to the attic floor joists, so you will need to measure your joist spacing before purchasing the panels.
  • The panels are lightweight, so they can be used as flooring in attics where materials such as plywood panels would be too heavy.
  • Check to see how much weight the manufacturer specifies the panels can safely support before storing anything heavy. Some panels will hold up to 250 pounds.

Unlike other types of flooring, plastic panels are also easy to remove. This is important when access to electrical wires, plumbing, or heating and air conditioning ductwork may occasionally be required.

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