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Swimming Pool Covers

There are many advantages to having a pool cover on your swimming pool. For example, a pool cover can:

  • protect your pool from accidental or unauthorized use
  • save energy costs by keeping heated water warmer
  • keep debris out of your pool and protect it in the winter
  • lower maintenance by reducing water and chemical evaporation

If you are considering installing a pool cover, consider the following:

  • Pool covers come in both manual and automatic models. Manual types are less expensive, but depending on the size of the pool, it may not be possible for one person to pull the cover on and off. The addition of a power wheel can make this process easier, but it still may take two people. Most pool owners will find automatic models more convenient. Automatic covers use electrical power to slide the cover over the poolís surface.
  • Including a cover in the initial design of your pool offers the most options and results in the most satisfactory outcome. The pool cover can slide into an underground housing and the tracks can be installed underneath the poolís overhanging coping. Rectangular pools are the easiest to fit with a cover, but free form pools can use the "deck on deck" system, where a slightly raised deck housing the cover sits at one end of the pool. Another option for free form pools is a cantilevered deck. This system has tracks that are laid in the pool deck parallel to one another at the poolís widest point. A second slightly raised deck allows the cover to open and close without obstruction.
  • Covers added to existing pools do not have the option of installing the cover tracks under the poolís overhanging coping. In these cases, low profile tracks need to be fitted into the deck alongside the edges of the pool. Custom made pool cover systems are available to fit any shape pool.
  • Wireless touch pads that operate the pool cover can be surface mounted to the wall of the house or recessed flush to the wall. These devices can be ordered with a key lock that prevents unauthorized operation of the pool cover.
  • Pumps that automatically remove standing water from the cover are also available. These pumps will keep dirty water from getting into the pool.

Pool covers come in a variety of custom colors. Color can also be added to the cover tracks so that they match the coverís color. Hinges that lift ladders, handrails and water slides out of the trackís path can also be installed in most cover systems.

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