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Pool Houses

More than just a place to take an outdoor shower and hang up a wet towel, pool houses have become one of the latest “must haves” in the upper end housing market. Many owners see pool houses as a way to expand their living space: these structures can now be full fledged outdoor entertainment centers or have extra bedrooms and baths for guests. Pool houses can be designed and built by local contractors, and plans and customized kits are also available from businesses that specialize in such structures.

If you are thinking of installing a pool house, consider the following:

  • Whatever size pool house you plan to build, the end result will be more successful if you pick a building style that harmonizes with your house and property. Pool house can be designed to look like cottages, stables, barns, pavilions or gazebos. The quality of the siding, trim and roofing is important. Picking weather resistant materials will limit future maintenance. Attractive landscaping around your pool house will also add to its overall effectiveness.
  • Adding a kitchen or bathrooms to the pool house will increase the expense of building it, but many owners consider these to be essential. Outdoor kitchens are especially popular features, as are dining areas, wet bars and entertainment centers. All pool houses should have adequate space for changing and storage for pool equipment. Larger pool houses often also have small home offices or exercise rooms.

If local zoning codes restrict the size of the main house, a pool house can be a good

way to add extra rooms. All ordinances and building codes should be checked before any construction plans are finalized, as some communities limit the size and location of any additional structures on a single piece of property.

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